The history of the "Monte Ozolo Social Dairy" begins in 1911, when the company "Latteria Sociale Di Revò", an economic consortium with limited guarantee, was born. In 1962, the Dairy was transformed into "Dairy Turnario Di Revò", a limited liability cooperative company with Salazer Isidoro as president. The company aimed to contribute to the moral and economic improvement of its members, who had to offer a guarantee of honesty and morality. On March 16, 1969, the shareholders' meeting of the Turnario Dairy approved the new name of the company which takes the name of "Dairy Social Monte Ozolo" Limited liability cooperative company, based in Revò and with President Gironimi Guido. The area of ​​social activity included the Municipalities of Revò, Romallo and Cagnò, providing for the commitment, by the partners, of the "total conferment of the milk production obtained in the companies owned by them and owned by the people living with them, with the exception of the quantity of milk intended for family consumption and for rearing calves ".

Currently, the "Dairy Social Monte Ozolo" is a limited liability cooperative company, made up of 10 members working in direct farming family businesses, coming from the villages of: Tregiovo, Revò, Dambel and Dimaro for a total of milk delivered amounting to 17,467 quintals.

The dairy has a factory, built in 1967, located in the central area of ​​the town of Revò. The main activity of the company is the production of Trentino grana cheese or "Trentingrana", a cheese that has been produced since 1926, when Marchesi di Rumo, by getting married to a girl from Mantua, was able to learn the art of cheesemaking in that by Mirandola. Having acquired the secrets of the trade, he bought the milk from the Cloz dairy and transformed it into the prestigious cheese that later spread throughout the province. Trentingrana cheese is a DOP cheese, Protected Designation of Origin; precisely due to the mountain characteristics of the production area and the peculiarity of the product, its specificity has been recognized. It is produced by the artisanal processing of milk from Alpine Bruno, Rendena and Frisona cows, strictly fed on pasture, hay and selected feed based on cereals and legumes. Feed based on animal meal and GMOs is absolutely forbidden.