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Soft homemade cheese from Val di Non.

Monte Ozolo

Short description

Soft homemade cheese from Val di Non.

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Produced with thermized milk, coming only from cows fed with "NO GMO" fodder and feed, and from high mountain pastures.

It has a cylindrical shape, with a soft, smooth and regular rind.

White or slightly straw yellow in color, it has a fairly soft texture with small and scattered holes.

Excellent table cheese with the aroma of milk, cream and yogurt.

Data sheet

Thermized milk, salt, rennet, probiotics. Without preservatives and additives.
From 20 to 30 days
Milking area
Trentino - Val di Non
From 2°C to 8°C degrees.
Consumption Indications
Not edible crust
Vacuum packed
Important Note
Being hand-cut artisan products, the sizes can be subject to weight variation +/- 10%
Nutritional values ​​per 100g
Energy 1530 KJ; 369 kcal; fat 31g, of which saturated fat 19g; 1g carbohydrates, of which 0g sugars, 23g proteins, 2.13g salt.
Produced by
Monte Ozolo Social Dairy

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